Experience Hidden in Details

Our Quality Policy

PROMOTECH undertakes to establish, execute, continuously improve and develop the appropriate and correct Management System with the participation of all members of the family. Our company, which renews itself with its system, technology and management techniques in the light of contemporary developments, is committed to complying with all legal and other requirements and aims to reach the ever-increasing high customer satisfaction while seeking to take place in the international market.

Our Environmental Policy

By adopting the principle of Environmental Management, PROMOTECH follows and uses the technology that will minimize the risks to protect the environment and natural resources, recycling, re-evaluation, prevention of pollution and ensuring the proper disposal of harmful wastes to nature.

Our OHS Policy

PROMOTECH carries out continuous improvement activities to prevent occupational accidents by minimizing the risks that would endanger the health and safety of our personnel.

Our HR Policy

PROMOTECH sees all its stakeholders (Customer, Supplier, Employee) as a family. Within this framework, we keep the motivation of our employees and their commitment to PROMOTECH, provide our employees with continuous training and self-development opportunities to maximize their productivity, follow a transparent and open management policy for our employees and protect the physical and spiritual rights of our employees. Our main principles are to increase the impact of our employees on the system and product through the suggestion system, to review and improve our Human Resources Policy continually.


To produce special profiles for organizations that want to add value to life with their products, with advanced technology machines, innovative management systems and competent staff, in a way that is sensitive to society and the environment.


To create happy stakeholders who are proud of our existence that facilitates every moment of life.